The women’s battle against provocative ads

Today, we can found a lot of web sites on the Internet, which looks like blogs, and which denounciate every ads which is provocative, and which gives a bad image of women.

I’ve found one very interesting with a lot of ads, explainations, and reactions.

On this blog, we see that women have to react because there are a lot of ads which are not good for women.

The site is:

On this web site, there are selcted ads very offensive. I want to show you one of them because I think that it’s one which reflects the problem with ads:

An ad for a beer brand

In this ad, the woman is presented as the product: beer. The first meaning is that the beer is a product that is as sensual as women, as attractive that women; so we can say that the idea is good and that the ad is well done. But the offensive side in this ad is that the beer is a product that we drink, that we use, and then, we don’t need it anymore. So what do we do with a bottle of beer which is finished?? Is it the same thing that men have to do with women??

So the second meaning of ads is more difficult to see, we don’t really think to that when we see this ad for the fisrt time for example, but that’s right that we can purpose many meanings to ads.

So take your time to analyze ads when you see women who are representing in, and you might me surprised!


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For all the beauties of Dove in China

I’ve found a very interesting thing about the campaign of Dove, called For all the beauties, launched in China.

What’s surprising is that they put forward cultural differences, but which aren’t really defaults.

The first is this one:

A chinese model

And the text ask if the woman gets her eyes too clamped, or if it’s just an oriental beauty.

This second ad is about the woman’s chest size:

An other ad of Dove

What’s amazing is that in this country, women’s defaults are emphasized, whereas most of women are like that in China, and so it’s strange that they insist on things like that.

In France, we don’t really understand why chinese women complexes about that. It shows that every an international campaign may have to choose different themes linked with the culture of the country.

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A shocking campaign…

Ads an have a provocative aim. They an be provocative, shocking,  to make people talking about it, or about actual problems.

A good example is the ad of No-l-ita, called “No Anorexia”. There’s a problem today with models who are to skin and who have healthy problems beause of that. No-l-ita wants to show that being to skin isn’t always a good thing, and that can be a dangerous thing. Some people have real diffiulties and it an become an illness.

And it’s the case of the woman on their ads, who wants to show her body and say that she’s not happy like that. She desribes her body as something repugnant.

No-l-ita is a fashion label, who wants with this campaign prevent of anorexia, and realize a good stunt.

This is the ad:No-l-ita

The problem with this campaign is that people in Italie think that the brand don’t really care about this kind of problem and do it only to be provoative, which is an important risk for the image of No-l-ita.

But the important point is that this ad can make people talking about that and it might prevent anorexia fo some young girls.

It’s a bit paradoxical for a fashion brand to promote its product with beautifull models, and then denounce anorexia.

But because ads have a huge impact on people, it’s interesting to show actual problems.

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Cliché are always here…

An old cliche of women who have to prepare meals is always in every heads, even if we want this to change.

But in ads, there are not often men who are cooking. It’s a shame, because with ads, we can really change ideas and prejudices.

But since many years, we can see women in their kitchen, as we can see in this ad of Maggy:Maggy

And to show you that it can be degrading for women, I want to show you an ad of Babette, which had been forbidden, because it was going too far:Babette

This ad had scandalized a lot of women, who are fed up to have to support this kind of negative image.

So we can see that ads have a real power, it can really shock people, and that’s why we have to stay objective in front of this.

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Some overflowings…

The main problem with women in ads is to be carefull not to be too vulgar.

There are organizations which have to supervise this point. In France for example, it’s the BVP.

And in 2003, an ad had been published in streets; it was for sloggy. There were women who were very bare, and this campaign had been judged too provocative and degrading for women. Some associations and women had lodge a complaint against Sloggy.

Sloggy had been asked to take out all this advertising campaign.

This kind of things is rare, because most of brands ask the BVP before showing their campaign, to be sure that their ads are correct, and not to be obliged to change thier campaign after.

This is an example of an ad of Sloggy which had been forbidden in 2003.

An ad of Sloggy

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An other example of Dove

Like I said before, Dove has created a real change in ads.

I want to show you an ad with an “old” person, which you can have seen in streets and which is really funny. The question asked by Dove is :”Greying? Attractive?”.

It creates a change because it’s not often that we can see a women like her in ads.

I really like this ad because it’s wright, and it gives an image of Dove which is very nice and funny.


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Women’s Image is changing

Thanks to Dove, a brand of women products, image of women in ads has changed.

Dove published since a few years ads with women who don’t look like cliche er stereotype of women. This brand wants to be close from every women. So they show in their ads beautiful women who are a bit round, or a bit old to show that they don’t sell their product only to models.

The picture shown here is about a campaign that Dove has made with women who don’t care to be a bit round and who wants to say that even if they don’t look like models, they can be very beautiful. It’s a real change in the advertising world.


The name of this campaign in France is “Pour toutes les beautés”.

 If you want to know more about Dove, go on the site of this campaign:

and in english:

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Opium’s Ads

OpiumOpium’s ads are for a perfume of YSL.

This kind of ads are very well done, because they show the real beauty of women. The models in these ads are very successfull and known. They are really pretty, and it’s why I like these ads.

Every women want to look like Kate Moss or Sophie Dahl; they incarnate the beauty, and the power and the feminity.

I want to show you some ads for this perfume with different models.

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The aim of my blog

Hello, I’ve decided to create a blog about women in ads. I want to do this because the image of women always changes, and it’s interesting to analyze it. Ads use women differently, according to the product.

So I hope that you’ll enjoy to read this blog!!

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Hello world!

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